32Red Announced Record Earnings In 2013

32Red, an online gambling giant released their annual yearly earnings in their 2013 report. In the report it is noted that the operators were able to earn a record amount of revenue in 2013. Marking the massive growth that the operators have had. Experts suspect that 32Red owes this massive growth in revenue due to a series of advertising campaigns they had throughout the year.

32Red logo

32Red was able to bring in an extra $38.8 Million in 2013, this is an increase of over 21% for 32Red. Out of the 38 Million that 32Red was able to earn this year a total of $35 Million was brought in by their online casino operations. 32Red was also able to have an increase in player activity this year, the online casinos player activity went up by 24%. This is an increase of 71,266 players.

Ed Ware, The CEO for 32Red commented on the record breaking performance on his company saying, “There are a lot of challenges we face as an online casino. You have to account for other online casinos competing against you and in order to combat that you must provide exclusive promotions to online punters. This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a series of advertising campaigns that would allow for us to have an increase in player activity and thus by more deposits. We didn’t expect the year that we had but I am none the less proud of everyone of my employees who worked hard to help make this year so profitable for 32Red.”

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