$84,300 Jackpot Triggered In New Jersey

One lucky online gambler was able to land on a jackpot today. This online gambler was playing the IGT developed video slot “Monopoly Level Up Plus” and won $84,300. This marks the largest jackpot to be triggered in New Jersey thus far. This jackpot also shows that the online gambling industry in the garden state continues to grow with each passing month.

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This win was triggered at the Borgata Online Casino. The player who won this jackpot are decided to remain anonymous to the media as they want to figure out their financial situation. The player did comment on the jackpot win anonymously saying, “When I first started gambling online late last year into December I never expected that id be the winner of the largest jackpot to be triggered yet in my state. I am not particularly sure as to what I am going to do with the money. I suspect I’ll take my family on a vacation and then I’ll spend a good portion of that cash on the mortgage I have on my home.”

Earlier on this week a land based gambler was also able to take home a large jackpot win while playing at the Borgata land based casino. This online gambler won a total of $655,852 while playing the “Wizard of Oz” slot machine.

The young gambling industry in New Jersey is still growing, the industry as of right now is larger than the online gambling industry in Nevada and Delaware. The garden still will only continue to earn more profit through their new industry.

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