Amaya Gaming acquires Diamond Game Enterprises

Amaya Gaming is a Canadian betting firm that just recently announced that they have signed a deal with the US Based game company Diamond Game Enterprises. Amaya Gaming bought the Diamond Game Enterprises for $25 million dollars. This deal has yet to be approved but will be within the fourth quarter of this year.

The CEO of the Amaya Gaming Betting Firm David Baazov said that the Diamonds Games technology will allow for the both of them to completely create a new footprint into North America. The latest gambling product to come from these two companies is LT-3 which already has jurisdiction in Ontario and Maryland. Both companies plan to get jurisdiction for their software within all of North America one day.

Diamond Game CEO and President Jim Breslo said that Amaya Gaming buying us out only shows that our team has put in a great amount of dedication and hard work into create our brand over the last nineteen years. Our team has been an innovator of the gaming industry and I am proud of them. He continued to say that with Amaya owning their brand now they will be able to make more key relationships throughout the industry which will allow for their brand to grow even more.

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