Atlantic City’s Revenue down in September

The land based casinos of Atlantic City continue to struggle with every passing month. There are twelve different casinos in Atlantic City and all together the casinos revenue has gone down by 13% lower than September in 2012. These numbers continue to remain consistent in revenue loss throughout the entire year.
The key financial indicators at the ending of September were the follow. The gross casino wins in Atlantic City surpassed $240 million across all twelve of the casinos located in the city.

That amount of gross winnings is 12% lower than the gross winnings for September of 2012. Table games brought in $62.9 Million dollars of those overall gross winnings. The gross winnings for table games in September of 2012 was up 19% compared to this year. Slot machines also went down in revenue this year, slots went down a total of 10.6% with total winnings of 177.3 Million.

One of the casinos within Atlantic City actually were able to turn a profit this year. Atlantic Club Casino had an increased profit of four percent in September 2013 compared to September of 2012. This is the only casino in the city that has been able to post positive results about their profit this year.

It is clear that the online gambling industry is putting a major dent into land based casinos. Our phones, computers and tablets will only continue to become more powerful. This means the casino games you play will be more realistic. This is a major appeal to gamblers across the world. We all sit back and wait to see what these land based casinos will do next in order to turn a profit.

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