Bulgaria makes changes to blacklist and removes three

Recently the country of Bulgaria made some changes to their website to blacklist certain offshore gaming sites. This included removing three Sites which included Tobet.com, Bet7days.com and PartyPoker.com. It appears these were blacklisted since they applied for licensing through Bulgaria’s regulator.

In view of the fact that these three gaming sites are now compliant with the Bulgaria Gambling Commission rules and regulations the amendment to allow these three offshore gaming sites created much debate and disagreement. At the time, the three offshore gaming sites were barren for several months because the Bulgaria regulator blamed the offshore gaming sites functioning without the required applicable licenses.

The problem with this whole issue was the Bulgarian Government did not have, at the time, all the rules, laws and regulations put into practice and this caused a lot of confusion amounts the ISP providers and those in charge of executing the blocking of sites.

As a result of this blacklist issue with the three offshore gaming sites, Mr. Ivan Enicherov was terminated and the new replacement is Mr. Ognemir Mitev. It is hopeful that further issues of this nature will not occur.

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