First half of 2013 profitable for Macau

Macau reported the first half of 2013 has been a profitable one. Macau is now the largest gambling mecca in the world and this year to date has seen solid growth on multiple levels.

The gaming inspection stated that Macau saw $21.5 billion USD during the first 6 months of 2013. That is a substantial amount of revenue to bring in within this time frame and place Macau in a strong position for the ending of the year.

The largest earner out of all the games was Baccarat which saw more than 90% of the overall revenue during this time period. The slot games were next with solid earning and the game cussec was third in earnings.
This growth wasn’t unexpected to some extent and the speed of the growth was. There may be some slow down during the final 6 months due to China experiencing some economical difficulties but that is yet to be seen.

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