Ladbrokes Has Rough First Half In 2014

Ladbrokes is the largest online and retail betting giant in the United Kingdom. They’ve proven that you can not only become popular on a retail level but you can also become popular on an online level. Unfortunately with a mass amount of competition in the online gambling industry Ladbrokes suffered a mass loss of profit. Ladbrokes noted that they had a seventy two percent collapse in online gambling profits for the first half of 2014. This is a massive decrease in profits, normally online gambling accounts for more than twenty five percent of their profit. Unfortunately this first half online gambling only accounted for 4.4% of their total revenue.


Richard Glynn stands as the CEO of Ladbrokes and he said, “In the first half of 2014 we successfully delivered all of the planned operational improvements in time for the World Cup. Our offer performed well, delivering a great betting experience for our customers and a good result for the business in a highly competitive market. We have made substantial progress and while there is more to do there is also much to play for. We now have the products, the platforms, the people and the brand in place to deliver. Ladbrokes today is a far stronger company and well positioned for growth.”

Ladbrokes is now working on different promotions and ways for players to return back to their online gambling services. The mass amount of profit that will be lost this year if they don’t will prove to be a massive issue for Ladbrokes come 2015. It’s better for them to fix the problem now instead of later.

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