Las Vegas Casinos Lose $1.35 Billion in 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the largest land based gambling destinations in the world. There are dozens of land based casinos for players to choose from such as Trump or MGM. The land based gambling market has had struggles since the online gambling market first arrived more than a decade ago. The struggle continued in 2013 and the city of Las Vegas lost $1.35 Billion due to this. This is a large net loss for the city within a five year period of time, showing that Las Vegas continues to get hit hard.

This is a big amount of money to lose in one year but his is an actual improvement compared to the net loss that occurred in 2012. In 2012 Las Vegas lost a considerably larger amount of money. Las Vegas lost nearly $99 Million more in 2012 meaning that Las Vegas turned more a profit then they did in the year of 2012.
Mika Lawton from the Nevada Gaming Control Board commented on the results of 2013 saying, “This is a positive for the Las Vegas Strip. Their revenues increased while their net loss decreased, allowing for the land based market to grow again slowly.”

Nevada as a whole has brought in $10.4 Billion this year which is an increase of 1.1% compared to 2012. Nevada hasn’t posted a net profit in six years but slowly they have continued to gain more revenue through aggressive advertising campaigns and more.

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