Nevada Generates $118.4 Million in Sport Bets for 2014 Super bowl

Nevada, a state within the USA generated over $119 Million through online punters making bets for the Super Bowl. Through all of these sports bets Nevada was able to bring in a total of $19.7 Million in profit.

The Gaming Control Board for the state of Nevada were the ones who reported this claim. Through their report the gaming control board claimed that the amount generated for the super bowl is a new record, the previous largest amount only being a total of $99 Million which was set in 2012.

The profit that Nevada was able to make through these sports wagers were also a new record. The previous largest profit for super bowl bets in Nevada which was only $15.4 Million. This record earning profit occurred during the 2005 Super Bowl. This means that Nevada was able to bring in an extra 16.5% of profit this year. This is a considerably much larger amount of profit compared to the normal amount.

The 2014 Super Bowl which had the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks face off against. The majority of those who wagered on the Super Bowl choose the Broncos to win but were disappointed to find out that the Seahawks dominated the game, winning with a 35 Point lead.

During the past twenty years Nevada has only lost money due to Super Bowl sports booking bets twice. The last time that Nevada lost money was when the New England Patriots and New York Giants faced off against one another in 2008 with the giants winning with a 17 Point lead.

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