Online Gambling Boosts Land Revenue

A study was recent conducted within the borders of the state of New Jersey and it showed that the online gambling industry has not only been able to bring in great amounts of tax revenue money but has also been able to present a new opportunity to land based casinos. It turns out that by gambling online you get a craving to go to the land based casino and see the flashing lights all over again just like it was the first time, a nonstop cycle that has allowed for New Jersey to earn large amounts of tax revenue through both separate industries.

This study was conducted by the Commercial Intelligence Agency, the Agency revealed that 44% of New Jersey Citizens gamble on a regular month to month basis at land based casinos with 12% of them betting on a weekly basis. The poll surveyed a total of five hundred and six people located in the border of New Jersey, the report was conducted at the beginning on May. A total of 73% of New Jersey Citizens gamble online, last year during 2012 only 21% of New Jersey citizens gambled at land based casinos.

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This essentially means that land based casinos are earning more revenue thanks to the online gambling industry. Geoffrey Dixon, the Chairman behind the Commercial Intelligence Agency agreed with this report saying the following: “Land based operators have to understand that online gambling is the future but that it doesn’t mean it has to whip out the land based gambling industry. The both of these industries can interact with one another to turn a massive profit. Casinos such as Atlantic City have proven that this is possible with their online casino and land based casino interacting with one another.”

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