Online Gambling criminal arrested in Argentina

The Argentinian police have just recently released the information that a 19 year old boy called “Super Hacker” was arrested for breaking into the online casinos and money transfer servers in order to steal money.

Everything happened in Buenos Aires in Argentina and the teenager was taken into police custody right after he was accused of running a criminal network along with other hackers that did illegal activities. Some police sources are saying that he was able to make more than $50k per month.

His network of hackers were all specialized in fraud at the online casinos mainly. This was possible with the help of some complex financial transactions that led to different security breaches.

At this moment the identity of the youth and the online casino sites were not revealed by the Argentinian police.
The police operation that had in mind catching this hacker started back in 2012 and it was called “Operation Zombie”. The problem here is not only finding where the person live, but also managing to gather enough evidence to incriminate them.

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