Sheriff Gaming CEO Arrested In Illegal Dutch Gambling Ring

The CEO of Sheriff Gaming was one of the many arrested in an Illegal Gambling Ring located in the Netherlands last week. The CEO has been accused of laundering around one hundred and ten million Euro’s through the illegal gambling ring.

Stijn Flapper is the current acting CEO of Sheriff Gaming and he has now been charged with a connection to an illegal gambling ring in the Netherlands. Last week a raid took place at this gambling ring and saw the arrest of major conspirers. The Sheriff Gaming Firm has just lost their Alderney E-Gaming License due to the actions of the CEO.

These investigations on the illegal gambling ring have been taking place for the better part of a year. It saw the closing of several different online betting websites that acted in an illegal manner. These sites did not act outside of the Netherlands which is why authorities were able to find the location of this gambling rings operations in a short period of time.

A statement that was released by Sheriff Gaming admitted that Flapper was a major part in the illegal gambling ring. They protested that he was innocent and that he should be given the opportunity to answer to his charges. They also continues saying “We were not involved in this case and our main priority is to provide our fans with a safe, secure and thrilling gambling experience. We hope that the actions of one doesn’t represent all of us.”

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