“Star Wars – The Old Republic” May go to Virtual Reality

Star Wars The Old Republic, an MMO designed like World of Warcraft might possibly be coming to virtual reality headsets when they are released in the next upcoming years. Bioware, the company who developers the Star Wars MMO made a statement at a recent pre-interview to the E3 Gaming Conference.

E3 Gaming Conference

The statement read as follows: “We have been considering upgrading the overall lighting fixtures and detail textures in Star Wars The Old Republic. The reason for this is because we’re working alongside certain companies to bring Star Wars The Old Republic to virtual reality headsets within the next four to five years. This essentially means that our players would be able to truly become a Jedi or Sith for the first time, they’d feel as if they were truly a part of the game which is what we have always wanted for Star Wars The Old Republic. As of right now you can currently play the game on your personal computer for free by visiting our website and downloading the game onto your PC.”

Currently Star Wars The Old Republic has roughly three million active users on a monthly basis, recently they’ve had more played than World of Warcraft. This comes as a surprise as World of Warcraft has been able to remain as one of the best selling MMO’s for more than eight years now. Each one of these games still hold their own and you can expect more from Bioware regarding Star Wars The Old Republic.

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