Titanfall DLC Released

Titanfall, a new shooter currently only available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 released their first DLC today. Respawn Studios, the developers behind Titanfall released the trailer alongside the new DLC. The trailer shows off a series of new maps, one of the maps taking place in a city that resembles Tokyo and the other map being in a dense forest that is great for the parkour elements of this game.

Titanfall Reveal

Respawn Studios is originally known as Infinity Ward, the original creators of Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor Franchise. The developers behind Titanfall have created two of the largest shooter series ever created in video game history, the majority of people believe that Titanfall will become the next big shooter and dominate over Call of Duty. This is exactly what Activision doesn’t want as Titanfall is published by Electronic Arts, their direct competitor.

Respawn Studios made a statement on their website regarding the release of this DLC, stating: “Titanfall has already been able to sell thousands of copies, for nearly every Xbox One sold there is a copy of Titanfall alongside the system. Once our game was released the sales for the Xbox One increased tenfold and where honored that we were able to create an experience that everyone loves. Our new DLC gives our players new maps, new guns and new Titans to enjoy. It changes up the element of gameplay in a whole new way, this is our main goal with every DLC we release.”

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