US Lobbyists Choose Position Based On Pay

John Ralston, a gambling journalist based in Nevada, made a report that claims that U.S lobbyists choose their position on online gambling regulation by the money they are paid by anti-online gambling groups.

Reporter John Ralston claimed that Mary Bono, a Congresswoman no longer in office, is one of the many offenders that he considers to be greedy politician. Bono, alongside multiple other politicians, joined Adelson’s Coalition before she just magically changed her mind in a day’s time and joined the pro online gambling movement. This just helps prove Mr. Ralston’s theory that there are politicians who will worsen the economy in the USA for their own money.

Mary Bono

Miss. Bono is not alone in looking foolish. Mr Ralston also stated that Dickstein Shapiro was offered to become a part of the pro-online gambling cause by Caesars Entertainment for more than $30,000 per month. This also shows that pro-online gambling groups will also spend money in order to have politicians on their side but they must do this in order to combat Mr. Adelson’s coalition to stop online gambling.

Thirty five thousand dollars per month was considered to be a large amount of money for Mr. Shapiro which is why he offered to protect the interests of the pro online gambling create and create bills that would allow for legal barriers to protect legal online gambling markets in the USA.

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